SurfaceMotif by Peacock Living is transforming interiors by helping you create a one of a kind design for your home that is a reflection of YOU.  Whether you are looking to create wall art, custom furniture, feature wall or a headboard, SurfaceMotif simplifies the process.  Instead of spending the time looking through expensive wallpaper, you are creating your own design.  It offers the look of wallpaper without the limitations and cost.  A great solution to help add whimsy to a kid's room, create a colourful backsplash, or add elegance to a powder room.

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You may have seen us being featured on several television shows, such as CITYLINE on home day, or on Global THE MORNING SHOW.  We were also an exhibitor at the INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW, with a mention at the NATIONAL HOME SHOW by Melissa Davis.

SurfaceMotif is a customizable stencil, which comes in a roll of painter's tape 18 inches wide.  There is a unique design stenciled in the tape, allowing different tape sections to be removed easily, creating personalized patterns without the need to measure or cut.  With the pattern revealed, paint with any colour, then remove the remaining tape.  The result is a design that is distinct and hand-painted.  Discover some of the design possibilities you can achieve with the Vertical Motif and Diagonal Motif customizable stencil designs.  Watch our short videos below to see how SurfaceMotifs can help transform your home.

What is SurfaceMotif?

How to Apply and Paint SurfaceMotifs.

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