6 Minute Craft in 6 Steps

6 Minute Craft in 6 Steps


A simple arts and crafts project for adults and kids.  No mess, measuring or cutting required.  Paint a few canvas panels with different patterns and colours, to create a unique and personalized collage of wall art for your home or office.



1. Paint Brush

2. 1″ Masking Tape

3. 8″x16″ Flat Canvas

4. Benjamin Moore Shadow

5. Putty Knife

6. Diagonal Motif



STEP ONE:  Using the horizontal perforations in the tape, tear  off 1 sheet.  Apply a 1 inch tape strip across the top, and partially peel back the liner backing.


STEP TWO:  Align the sheet to the top edge of the canvas, and press down evenly.  Peel back a portion of the liner, and press the tape down evenly onto the surface with a putty knife.  Repeat until the canvas is covered and the liner is completely removed.



NOTE:  Below is the pattern being created.  Highlighted in GREY, are the tape sections to be removed.  It may be helpful to mark the tape sections to be removed, before peeling. 


Achieving Diagonal Motif 25

: Peel off the tape sections to create the pattern.  You can discover other design possibilities at our Diagonal Motif page.



STEP FOUR:  Fold back the extra tape sections.  With a putty knife, press down on the remaining tape, ensuring a good seal to the canvas.



STEP FIVE:  With a paint brush, removing any excess paint, paint the unmasked sections.  We used Benjamin Moore 2017 Colour of the Year, Shadow.



STEP SIX:  Lastly, remove the remaining tape when the paint is still wet.



Discover the diversity of designs that can be achieved with this 1 motif.  The Diagonal Motif stencil design can be purchased on our website at PeacockLiving.com.  You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.