Peacock Living was established in 2014 in Toronto, Canada, launching SurfaceMotif in 2016.  SurfaceMotif was created to provide professional decorators and homeowners with a new design solution that makes introducing patterns to a painted finish, fun and easy.   The product is designed in Toronto, with manufacturing in Canada and the United States.  We use quality painter's masking tape that deliver sharp paint lines, remove cleanly, and does not tear easily.  


1. Provide a new approach to design.

2. Simplify decorating, making it fun, easy and fast.

3. Have a positive impact on the community, by donating 1% of profits to charitable organizations.


SurfaceMotif by Peacock Living was conceived from a need that Leroy had while searching for decorating solutions for a loft he was looking to purchase.  Like most, he was not interested in wallpaper, he wanted to paint given the flexibility to choose a colour palette that speaks to him and the space.  While looking for painting solutions that will add design and style, he discovered it was a challenge, discovering not many options were available other than stencils.  Believing there should be an easier and better solution, he began developing SurfaceMotif, an innovative alternative to stencils and wallpaper, providing consumers the flexibility to personalize their pattern and colour without compromise.


Leroy-imgI graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University.  Over the past decade, I have gained valuable experience in the consumer electronics industry, working as a Project Manager and Director.  Having been involved in transitioning locally made product to off shore suppliers, I believe there is value and advantages for products made locally, as a result SurfaceMotifs are designed in Toronto, with manufacturing in Canada and the United States.
I am pursuing my passion, growing up I always wanted to be an architect or an interior designer.  Having pursued Engineering instead, it taught me how to apply myself, in the process gained over a decade of experience in the areas of product development, manufacturing, and quality.  I feel I have come full circle, pairing my experience and passion together to start this new venture.