SurfaceMotif by Peacock Living is a customizable wall stencil.  Offering a new approach to interior decorating, while creating distinctive designs.  Supplied in a roll of painter's tape, 18 inches (45.7cm) wide.  The roll of tape has a unique design stenciled in it, allowing different tape sections to be easily removed.  This simplifies the process of creating personalized patterns, without having to measure or cut.  As a paintable product, it lends itself to an array of paints, colours, stains and glosses, for an endless combination of designs.  SurfaceMotif provides the look of wallpaper, the paintability of stencils, without the mess, cost and limitations.  To determine how many rolls you require for your project, refer to our simple Chart.


SurfaceMotif Finished Product


Unit: 1 roll
Dimension: 18”W x 30’L (45.7cm x 9.14m)
Coverage: 45 sq ft (4.18 sq m)
Pattern Repeat: 9” x 9”  (22.85cm x 22.85cm)
Feature:  Horizontal Perforation every 9” (22.85cm)
Number of Sheets: 40


SurfaceMotif uses a quality painter's tape that delivers sharp paint lines, removes cleanly, and does not tear easily.  A Single roll of SurfaceMotif, has a surface coverage comparable to a Double roll of wallpaper.  It provides a cost effective decorating solution to expensive wallpaper.  SurfaceMotif can be applied by a painting professional, or by yourself, and to help you get started, watch our Tutorial videos.  There are 2 SurfaceMotif customizable stencil designs available, each offering their different and unique design possibilities.