DIY Custom Wall Art in just 30 minutes

DIY Custom Wall Art in just 30 minutes


Have you wanted to add some design and colour into your space, but thought it would take too long, or be too difficult?  We are here to tell you otherwise, with SurfaceMotif, it makes decorating fun and easy to create one of a kind designs for any surface.  The product is a stenciled masking tape that comes in a roll 18 inches wide.  Once applied, all you need to do is simply tear off the tape sections to create your personalized pattern, without the need to measure or cut.  With your pattern revealed, just paint, let it dry, and remove the remaining tape.  A great and simple way to add a pop of colour and style to a kids room, rental space, or powder room. Let’s gather your supplies and get started! We will be creating the green and blue striped panel on the left.


1. Dense foam roller and tray

2. 1″ Masking Tape

3. 18″ x 18″ wood veneer panel *

4. Paint(s)

5. Putty Knife

6. Vertical Motif – 4 sheets

* Note: We purchased a 24″ x 24″ veneered wood panel from Home Depot and cut it to size.

STEP ONE:  Use the perforations in the SurfaceMotif to tear off 2 sheets.  A video is available to watch on How to use the Perforations.

STEP TWO:  Tear a 1″ strip of masking tape, place it across the top sheet, and partially peel back the liner backing.  Align to the top edge of the panel and press down.  A video is available to watch on How to Apply and Align the sheets.

STEP THREE:  Continue to peel back the liner, pressing the sheet down onto the panel with your putty knife.  Repeat until the liner is completely removed.

STEP FOUR:  Create your pattern by removing all tape sections 1 through 3.  You can discover some of the other design possibilities at Vertical Motif.  Press down on the remaining tape with your putty knife.

STEP FIVE:  With a foam roller, roll on the paint, removing any excess paint on the tray.  Here we used Benjamin Moore Grassy Field.  Lastly, remove the remaining tape when the paint is dry to touch.

STEP SIX:  After the paint has fully dried, applying another 2 sheets of Vertical Motif on the adjacent edge, and repeat STEPS 1 – 5.  To create this pattern, remove sections 1 and 3 ONLY.  The blue we chose was Sherwin Williams Surfin.

As you can see, the paint lines are straight, sharp and clean.  A truly quick and simple project for anyone to try.  Make a few additional matching panels, to place above a fireplace, or bed as a headboard.  Customize the panel size, design and colours to fit your space.  You do not need to wait for the weekend, just 30 minutes.  The longest part of the project is waiting for the paint to dry, literally!

The product is available online on the Vertical Motif page, which includes design ideas and downloadable instructions on how to achieve them.  Discover what you will create with SurfaceMotif by Peacock Living.