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Unlike traditional painter’s tape which are 1” in width, ours come 18” wide.  Masking large surfaces for decorating, is now quicker and easier.  And with our stencil design already pre-cut in our tape, means you can easily peel off different tape sections, without measuring or cutting, saving you time and frustration. 


Easily Achieve Custom Painted Designs.

Developed to simplify decorating.  SurfaceMotif is a stenciled masking tape.  Offers you the flexibility to create personalized painted designs, hassle-free.  Paint vertical stripes with our Vertical Motif, or more complex chevron and diamond patterns with our Diagonal Motif.

The Painting Alternative to Wallpaper.

Achieve the look of wallpaper, without the mess, and stress.  Delivers one of a kind painted finish for your home or office.  Select your colour palette, either contrasting colours for a bold accent look, or neutrals for a more subtle elegant finish.  Great for adding a pop of colour and style to any space.

Re-inventing Design Creation for DIY.

No more tedious masking with 1” tape.  Cover your complete surface ONCE with SurfaceMotif, to save you time.  Peel off only the sections you want painted to achieve your design.  Great for furniture makeovers and wall art.  Simplifies arts and crafts projects with kids.  Now you can focus on being creative, instead of how to create it.


"Shipped quickly. I was able to create a fun pattern feature wall in my son's room - he loves it - adds a splash of colour without overwhelming the space. The hardest part was getting everyone to agree on the design ......."  Anna

"...I've done patterns and I remember doing painting in my son's room, and I measured everything.  Painting one wall took like 2.5 days, ..... where was this when I was doing that job?"  Gregory

"Vertical Motif was a great product to create colored stripes. Extremely easy to use and saved me lots of time. I liked how simple and fun it was to customize my own design, and gave the look of wallpaper that I was trying to achieve."  Leah