Simple DIY For Iconic IKEA Noticeboard

Simple DIY For Iconic IKEA Noticeboard


A simple decorating project with kids, to add some colour to their room.  A beautiful checker pattern, with colour inspiration from Louis Vuitton.  No more tedious masking of individual paint sections separately.  Start with the Vertical Motif as a blank template, and mask your surface once, saving you time and hassle.   Easily achieve this pattern on other surfaces as well, such as wood, laminate, and canvas.



1. Paint Brush

2. 1″ Masking Tape

3. IKEA Noticeboard

4. 6″ Putty Knife

5. Brown Spray Paint

6. Vertical Motif (4 sheets)

7. Ruler

8. Pen

9. Knife



STEP ONE:  Apply a 1″ tape strip across the top, and partially peel back the liner backing.  Align and apply the sheet to the top edge of the panel, and press down evenly across.



STEP TWO:  Press down on the sheet of tape with a putty knife, and peel back the liner.  Repeat until the panel is completely covered, and the liner removed.



STEP THREE: For the remaining 2 sheets, cut off 13.5″ from the right.  Repeat Steps 2-3, to cover the remaining section of the noticeboard.



STEP FOUR: With the surface fully covered, use a knife and putty knife to cut and remove the excess tape along the inner bottom edge of the frame.  And remove the 1″ tape strip at the top.



NOTE:  Below is the pattern being created.  Highlighted in GRAY, are the tape sections to be removed.  The RED lines represent the cuts that need to be made in the tape.  


:  With a pen and ruler, draw a horizontal line spaced 4.5″ apart, starting from the top.  Refer to the template above.



STEP SIX:  With a knife and ruler, carefully cut the tape along the lines.  Remove alternating square sections to create the checker pattern.



STEP SEVEN:  If gaps are noticed between the tape sections, use 1″ painter’s tape to cover.  Press down with a putty knife on the remaining tape, ensuring a good seal to the surface.



STEP EIGHT:  Prepare your area for painting, and ensure well ventilated.  Follow the instructions on the spray can, and apply 2 thin coats of paint for even coverage.  Paint can also be applied with a brush and roller.


:  Remove the remaining tape once painted.



STEP TEN:  Mount your transformed IKEA Noticeboard.



The Vertical Motif stencil design is available on our website, where you will also find other design possibilities that can be achieved.  For more creative inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.