SurfaceMotif by Peacock Living is a stenciled masking tape that comes in a roll 18" (45.7cm) wide, and 30' (9.1m) long.  The rolls of tape have a unique stencil design pre-cut in them, allowing different tape sections to be easily removed to create personalized patterns, without the need for measurement or cutting.  Being a paintable product, you can easily match existing colour palettes, or choose from a spectrum of paints, colours, stains and glosses, resulting in countless colour and pattern combinations.  SurfaceMotif provides you the look of wallpaper, the paintability of stencils, without the mess, cost, and limitations.  Discover how the product is applied on our Installation page.

SurfaceMotif uses a quality painter’s masking tape that delivers sharp paint lines, removes cleanly, and does not tear easily.  A Single roll has a surface coverage of 45 square feet (4.18 square meter), comparable to a Double roll of wallpaper.  And being a masking tape product, there is no need to apply an adhesive coat, just remove the liner backing.  With the ease and flexibility of removing different tape sections, SurfaceMotif allows for colour layering; remove select sections to paint one colour, then removing additional sections to paint another colour.  They can be cut to size to handle any size project, be applied onto different surfaces (e.g. wood, canvas, corkboard, drywall, etc.) and painted with different methods (e.g. paint roller, brush, spray, etc.).


SurfaceMotif Finished Product


Unit: 1 roll
Dimension: 18”W x 30’L (45.7cm x 9.14m)
Coverage: 45 sq ft (4.18 sq m)
Pattern Repeat: 9” x 9”  (22.85cm x 22.85cm)
Feature:  Horizontal Perforation every 9” (22.85cm)
Number of Sheets: 40


An added feature are the Horizontal Perforation every 9” (25.7cm), where the pattern repeats.  This creates individual 18”W x 9”L (45.7cm x 22.85cm) sheets, to accommodate any size project.  Easily tear off the number of sheets you require for your project, without having to struggle with the whole roll.  If you are creating a wall décor, you may need 2 sheets, 6 sheets for something larger like a bookcase, or a feature wall which may require 10 sheets.  Not sure how many rolls you require for your project, easily determine with our Rolls Required chart.  There are 2 SurfaceMotif stencil designs available, each offering their different and unique design possibilities.