Quilt Pattern

Painting Quilt Designs – Simplified


Easily create complex paint designs, by using the Vertical Motif as a blank template.  No more tedious masking of individual sections separately, with 1″ tape.  Cover your complete surface once, saving you time and hassle.   Watch how we simplified creating custom painted designs.  The only limitation, is your imagination.




1. Paint Brush

2. 1″ Masking Tape

3. 18″ x 18″ wood pane

4. 6″ Putty Knife

5. Three paint colours

6. Vertical Motif (2 sheets)

7. Ruler

8. Pen

9. Knife



STEP ONE:  Apply a 1″ tape strip across the top, and partially peel back the liner backing.  Align and apply the sheet to the top edge of the panel, and press down evenly across.



STEP TWO:  Press down on the tape sheet with a putty knife, and peel back the liner.  Repeat until the panel is completely covered, and the liner removed.



NOTE:  Below is the pattern being created.  Highlighted in GRAY, are the tape sections to be removed.  The RED lines represent the cuts that need to be made in the tape.  


:  Remove the top tape strip.  With a pen and ruler, draw the lines on the tape, as shown in the template above.



STEP FOUR:  With a knife and ruler, carefully cut the tape along the lines.



STEP FIVE:  Remove the tape sections that will be painted the same colour.  Press down on the edges of the tape with a putty knife, to ensure a good seal, then paint.



STEP SIX:  Repeat the previous step until all the sections are painted.


STEP SEVEN:  Remove the remaining tape.



The Vertical Motif stencil design is available on our website, where you will also find other design possibilities that can be achieved.  For more creative inspiration, visit us on Facebook and Instagram.